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  1. BeanEW

    Highway Assist Scare on my R1S Today

    Today, I drove from the Bay Area to near Phoenix. When I was driving on CA-210 north of L.A., I was in the carpool lane, Conserve Mode, height on Low, going about 82 on Highway Assist, the concrete wall was very near the painted yellow line on the left. The carpool lane was narrow to start...
  2. BeanEW

    What Recovery Kit to get?

    The more I read these forums, the more that I think I should keep a Recovery Kit in my R1S. Please share your opinion of what kit I should get. TIA
  3. BeanEW

    Visited the New Manteca CA RAN Site

    Six charging points including a pull-thru. Very clean site and surprised that it was full when I got there. Also talked to a lady that works for Rivian who builds these sites.
  4. BeanEW

    Recommendation for Off-road Trail App

    Hello, I plan on doing some off-roading in Sedona AZ and would like some recommendations on what off-road trail apps (iPhone) to use. Thanks
  5. BeanEW

    Car Wash Mode Locked Me Out

    Went to a car wash with a conveyor belt today. The worker there put my R1S in the car wash mode, put the drive mode in N, left the key fob inside the car, and buckle the seatbelt (with no-one sitting in it). Guess what, the car locked itself when it came out on the other side. The door could...
  6. BeanEW

    Couldn't hard reset my Rivian R1T - anyone else?

    Hello, I am a R1S owner and currently on a road trip from CA to AZ. I have been in the Phoenix area for a little over a week already. Today, my R1S suddenly lost the cellular connection and the Rivian map stopped working; and the SOS light is on too. I tried soft resetting but it didn’t fix...
  7. BeanEW

    What is the best fitted hitch bicycle rack for R1S?

    I would like to purchase a hitch bike rack ( for two bikes) that doesn't interfere with the tailgate. Has anyone done any research? recommendations?
  8. BeanEW

    Got My R1S Back After PPF

    Full wrap PPF with STEK DYNOshield film; selected STEK because of its glossiness, hydrophobic and ceramic bonded. They had my R1S for 10 days and I'm very happy with the outcome (with a couple of minor issues) but they will redo those.
  9. BeanEW

    Question... no "Controls" on my Rivian App

    Hello, I couldn't find my answer on the forums; please help if you know the answer. My car is on 31.5 and I have the latest Rivian App but I don't see the "Controls" on my app. What could that be? Thanks!!
  10. BeanEW

    Took delivery of my R1S at South San Francisco Service Center

    Went to pickup my R1S yesterday at Rivian South SF. There must be over 50 R1T and R1S in the lots and the shop, mostly new and to be picked up. The delivery specialist told me that the location wasn't intended to be a delivery site but it turned out to be. Only one bad experience... no coffee...
  11. BeanEW

    Do Normal Rivian workers belong to unions?

    Not sure if this topic came up before but... please chime it. "It also increases the value of the rebate to up to $12,500, but that’s not for everyone. The $7,500 incentive would stay, but it would be increased to $10,000 for EVs produced in the US and to $12,500 for EVs produced in the US by...