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  1. RivianNowPlz

    What wheels to buy for the winter? Leaning towards K02 for tire

    I live in Minnesota and thinking about winter with my 21s and the reviews here that say they’re scary to drive on. I’m overall just looking to spend less than the OE $4300+. I’m a fan of the K02s as I have had those for a decade on 3 different Raptors. Always do well in the winter. That said I’m...
  2. RivianNowPlz

    2 weeks and 999 miles later in the Rivian R1S

    I have now been able to haul the family of 5 around for 2 weeks in the R1S. We have put on 999 miles to date and completed our first ever family tent camping. I posted a quick-comment post that can be found right here but this new post is to serve as additional follow up for hopefully others to...
  3. RivianNowPlz

    Minnesota Rivian Wall Connector Brand New In Box and can ship

    $500 in person or $500+ shipping.
  4. RivianNowPlz

    72 Hours later - Mostly questions I have and comments that may help my user experience.

    I’ve had the R1S now for 3 days. I’ve been able to put on 340 miles so far and love it! Yesterday I did 20% ceramic tint all around. I’ll post better pics later, for now I’ll just put the one from last night in the garage. As a quick reminder for all.. I do own 2 Teslas currently still a Model S...
  5. RivianNowPlz

    Delivered R1S with 21” Road Tires, Ocean Coast interior in Glacier White

    Preorder in 2021. Never changed configuration. Denied Shop access 3 times before granted on 8/7 in the late evening. Early on 8/8 my exact preorder configuration hit the shop. The configuration that I ordered 2+ years ago and never changed. Go figure. Happy none the less! My Guide was.. okay...
  6. RivianNowPlz

    Minnesota WTT - brand new 21” wheels for 20s or 22s

    Willing to bring cash to a deal. I have a R1S I will be picking up on Saturday. No miles on the tires so depending on the situation I’d do a straight trade or a deal with cash. Thanks! located in Minnesota but will be doing a road trip to Colorado Springs
  7. RivianNowPlz

    Taking delivery within a week. What do I need to know about the tax credit situation?

    Not sure I’m 100% up to date and following the different topics from the forum. My MSRP will be about $75k for my R1S and I did sign the “binding” PSA. I’ve been seeing some people talk about filing an amended return, but I’d rather just take what I’m gonna get this year unless it’s more...
  8. RivianNowPlz

    PSA for early preorder holders close to a SC waiting for Shop access

    If you are like me - waiting for shop access with a R1S preorder date almost 3yrs old or more… a little tip and special shout out to @jayazusa. I felt like this deserved a new thread because I hope it helps even one other frustrated person. I asked via email, via chat, via phone for Shop access...
  9. RivianNowPlz

    Early 2021 R1S preorder holder 20 min from SC. Oct delivery

    No shop access still. I’ve asked at members requests here 3 times and this most recent 4th time has gone without response all week. I’m curious if anyone with R1S access can tell me if there is a SUV that’s at my spec? There was before and it was screenshotted - then customer service said it...
  10. RivianNowPlz

    Rivian First Mile event in Minneapolis - fears realized and a happy wife all in one

    So I finally got to sit, touch, and drive a Rivian R1S today. The particular model I was able to drive was 1 week old with ultra low miles, it was green with black mountain interior and 20” wheels w/all terrains. I got to play with the suspension, watch it raise and lower. It was slow and the...
  11. RivianNowPlz

    I’m going to update my configuration post-configurator with a 2023 ETA

    What will give me the best chances of seeing my timeline boosted up? Present config is R1S, Glacier White, OC interior, 21” road wheels. I’m in MPLS so only 25 min from an SC. ETA is Oct 2023. Im rolling the dice and updating my config to boost my ETA. Worst case scenario I switch back in...
  12. RivianNowPlz

    Saw in person my first ever Rivians.. surprisingly thin.

    The adventure is keeping them skinnier than I thought. I like a big thick backend, and while I’ve seen a few R1Ts driving from the other side of the freeway, I haven’t been able to touch or see up close any of them. So I decided over the weekend to run over to a service center(Minneapolis) and...
  13. RivianNowPlz

    I went to San Diego on 6/29/22

    I got off my flight, hopped in an Uber and saw my first ever Rivian an R1T all white driving in oncoming traffic. Felt stoked like I was going to maybe see one close up.. but alas.. left on 7/5/22 & never saw another one. Get back home to good old Minnesota and drove to the inlaws in Western WI...
  14. RivianNowPlz

    I hesitate to say... guide contact R1S, 9/21 order date

    Happened a couple days ago but wasn't sure what to make of it until I heard a response from my questions. The odd part of the situation is I had contacted customer service (for my first time ever) a few weeks back asking about changing from OC to BM and if that would change my 1st half 2023...
  15. RivianNowPlz

    If the stock hits $18 tomorrow I'm dropping $10k on it

    Who is with me? I've invested in (3) things in my short life.. and in 2013 Tesla was one of them, my wife and I also went in on Snapchat; now we are all-in on RIVN. I may even do it at $19, I need to double check my portfolio on TSLA.. I sold at $750 after it tumbled from $900 only to watch it...
  16. RivianNowPlz

    New Member "hello" and shameless ask

    Hi all, Lurker on the Rivian Stories site mostly, coming here to hang out as well with my fellow s00ninites. I'm a July 2021 preorder R1S. Looking forward to hopefully having a delivery date for my own order by end of 2022 perhaps. With that said - everyone has different goals, tastes, wishes...