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  1. BeanEW

    How has the 2023.34.0 Update changed the ride of your Rivian? [Vote in poll]

    it is so obvious that two settings (Soft and Stiff) don't make all of the Rivian owners happy due to the driving styles. Rivian needs to add more settings in between.
  2. BeanEW

    How has the 2023.34.0 Update changed the ride of your Rivian? [Vote in poll]

    On paper, I think this software updates looked the least attractive. However, I drove my R1S after the updates today. The car drives/rides so much better; the car leans much less on curves and corners. I used to hate the Soft mode, but now just loving the Soft mode. In addition, the new...
  3. BeanEW

    Highway Assist Scare on my R1S Today

    Sorry to say, although FSD can be used virtually everywhere but it is not that much better IMO. I had some scary stories too.
  4. BeanEW

    Highway Assist Scare on my R1S Today

    I found that out from this trip too; when the sun was setting, my car thought that those big 18wheelers were in my lane because of the shadows.
  5. BeanEW

    Highway Assist Scare on my R1S Today

    I had my Lane Keeping assist turned off the first day I picked up my car, never liked this feature. After this incidence, I trust the HWA feature a lot less.
  6. BeanEW

    Highway Assist Scare on my R1S Today

    Today, I drove from the Bay Area to near Phoenix. When I was driving on CA-210 north of L.A., I was in the carpool lane, Conserve Mode, height on Low, going about 82 on Highway Assist, the concrete wall was very near the painted yellow line on the left. The carpool lane was narrow to start...
  7. BeanEW

    Air compressor did not stop at set pressure !

    A Rivian SC rep told me that I should have the tires at 50 psi on my 20"s.
  8. BeanEW

    Dangerous Acceleration Curve in Conserve Mode

    What was the state of charge? If it was high, the re-gen would not work. Although it might not be going faster, but it might feel like that because you expected the car to slow down. I believe on Conserve mode, only the front wheels are re-gening. It might not slow down as fast as you wish...
  9. BeanEW

    R1S liftgate opened while driving and all luggage fell out! (Drive Cam video added)

    When my wife complained about anything technology didn't work right, I always told her that "it's an operator error!".
  10. BeanEW

    Getting frustrated at car wash

    The exact same thing happened to me at a carwash about nine months ago. https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/car-wash-mode-locked-me-out.10340/ I believe it was some sequence that the carwashing people did to trigger that. From that day and on, I have not use that type of carwashes and...
  11. BeanEW

    All Purpose Mode surprise

    Punching the R1 is not my thing; I do have another car that goes fast on 0-60 and 0-100. However, I'm surprised that how stable my R1S when at 110mph (on Interstate).
  12. BeanEW

    Overhead camera view

    Sorry, maybe I misled you... what I meant was instead of two-touch to see the camera views, you can do one-touch by moving the camera button to the main set of functions.
  13. BeanEW

    Overhead camera view

    You can change the prefer touch button to be one of those 5s so you don't have to do two touches. I did that. I moved one of the least use to the 2nd set.
  14. BeanEW

    New garage open/close from steering wheel feature is awesome

    I agreed with a programmable button (one touch) to set several things to your preferences based on location like... open garage, height to the prefer level (lowest due to my garage door), AC off (don't want it to turn on/off in the garage), fold side mirrors or maybe open the charging door...
  15. BeanEW

    Saw a Cybertruck on the road ...

    Quote from the movie Predator... somewhat like... That's one ugly mother fxxxer!
  16. BeanEW

    How much does running the AC reduce range in a Rivian?

    I had done many short and long trips; it is nothing significant to be concerned, to me.
  17. BeanEW

    Motortrend: We ran our Rivian to zero battery charge / range. What happened didn't go well.

    MT is biased against Rivian... my conspiracy theory mind told me that Rivian didn't pay them... did not waste my time to read it.
  18. BeanEW

    “New” Quad Motor R1T pricing is crazy and not sustainable (even if Cybertruck priced higher than original reveal price estimate)

    I just explained to my wife yesterday that either way, the Cybertruck will be screwed. The whole reason Tesla had that big profit margin is because of Ys and 3s are basically the same car and sharing the same parts. With CT, a new production line, most parts (if not all) will be new; if they...
  19. BeanEW

    Are the ventilated seats wimpy or is it just my truck?

    I used it several times... I think it works as DESIGNED. :cool:😂