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  1. M00v0vr

    Where no Rivan has gone before! 🏔️ Palmer Glacier on Mount Hood

    Monday was the last day of our summer race camp on the Palmer Glacier on MT Hood. Due to high winds (70 + MPH) the lifts were closed and I needed to get our gates and my skis from the mountain. The staff at Timberline let me drive up the "Goat Track" to retrieve our stuff.
  2. M00v0vr

    Oregon SOLD Rivian Key Band $100

    Don't get locked out of your rig again! SOLD
  3. M00v0vr

    Oregon FS: Spare Tire Change Kit $200

    New in the Box Spare Tire Change Kit w/rivian jack puck.
  4. M00v0vr

    Oregon FS: 20" AT Spare $990 SOLD

    Looking for an AT 20 Spare? I got a new one that was just delivered. $990.00
  5. M00v0vr

    FS: 20 AT Spare

    FS: New in the Box 20 in All-Terrain Wheel and Tire $980.00
  6. M00v0vr

    Camp Kitchen replacement?

    Wonder if this would fit in the Gear Tunnel? https://www.sylvansport.com/shop/dine-o-max-camp-kitchen/
  7. M00v0vr

    1.8.0 app version released

    New app drop, can turn on/off gear guard from app. Don't see charge limits however.
  8. M00v0vr

    Low speed tock update

    I wanted to start a new thread and get some feedback from the forum on the infamous “Low Speed Tock” I have had the said “Tock “ it started since shortly after delivery approx. 200 miles. It was serviced once, (re-lube of the Half Shafts and re torqued and scheduled for another round of what...
  9. M00v0vr

    First look at @ “Introducing the R1 Shop” -- Rivian website to shop for R1T that delivers in 6-8 weeks

    I received the following email on Wednesday, per my guide I was one of the 1st to receive due to my early res date, Oct 2019. When exploring the "Shop" you are presented with the current inventory available for selection at that time, and yes it does change in real time. I was going to pull...
  10. M00v0vr

    Waiting for Delivery

    The Purchase Summery page keeps trying to get me to schedule delivery, even though my truck is still in route. So I thought I would take a quick journey over to the temp service center to see if it had really been delivered. It is still on the way, however I met some very nice Rivian employees...
  11. M00v0vr

    PDX First Mile Mobile Drive