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  1. GatorCat94

    Whistling over 60mph with recirculate mode on

    Yes! Confirmed I have the same issue. Whistling stops when I switch ac to fresh air. Which ironically then causes the compressor to ramp up to jet speed. I expect compressor issue to improve when Florida heat and humidity subsides a bit. Waiting to make a service appt to see if anyone can get it...
  2. GatorCat94

    How has the 2023.34.0 Update changed the ride of your Rivian? [Vote in poll]

    Much improved at slow speeds over bumps. Such as leaving my driveway over the gutter or in a parking garage over speed bumps which I have at work every day. Used to rock significantly side to side at off angle bumps and it’s vastly more controlled. Plus Driver + seems more stable. Not sure if...
  3. GatorCat94

    R1S second row seats are laughably hard to manipulate

    Completely agree. We have 4 kids and the 2nd row seat mechanism is frustrating at best. We just got back from vacation and rented a VW Atlas. Nothing special, but the 2nd row mechanism was vastly superior. The whole seat tilted forward and went right back to where it started. For an $80K SUV...
  4. GatorCat94

    Florida Pre-orders

    Yep, we have an R1S on order. LA Silver Black Adventure and prob 20” wheels but 21” for now. Oviedo, FL (Orlando suburb).
  5. GatorCat94

    Thoughts on removal of Off Road Upgrade

    So back to the original question though… For occasional off roading over fire roads or other similar terrain, how important is that shield plate? Have the R1S on order. We probably would do some fun off-road trails but I don’t see myself ever rock crawling. I also don’t see going anywhere that...