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  1. Blinker noise is annoying.

    I told you man, complain about anything in this forum and the fanboys come out with pitch forks and give you a head trip making you question your own sanity. Posting anything mildly critical on this forum is like being abducted and then slowly brainwashed into thinking it is your own fault. On...
  2. Ham Radio Install?

    Has anyone hard wired a ham radio into their R1T yet? I've got a Yeasu FT7900 from my old F150 that I need to install. I also need some ideas on where to mount the antenna. I may opt for a door mount since we're stuck with a full glass roof.
  3. 【Update: Now Available】how do you like this key fob

    Very cool, I will be picking one up. I appreciate you guys getting into the aftermarket and will get some of your other stuff as well. Agreed that the spring retention on the carabiner is too light. Need to figure out a mod to put a heavier duty spring in their, like 4x as strong.
  4. Console Vault

    I had a locker down in my F150, it was awesome. We need one for the R1T/R1S! I'd bring my vehicle by if I was near San Antonio but alas, I'm in socal.
  5. Lower center console accessory ideas - Defender style

    I like the open design, but I could see Rivian offering an option in the future like Ford, either an open center, enclosed center console, or jumpseat. What the interior needs first is to ditch the camp speaker which 99% of people will never use and make a lockable storage drawer.
  6. Rivian Seat Fix for Tall Guys...Sort Of

    Good mod Revin, thank you for that link, I am going to purchase the same covers and keep a makeshift pad on the seat behind it. Part of the difficulty in designing a pad is that the seam with the stitching is stiffer than the surrounding material, so you almost need something to overlap it. My...
  7. RJ suggests Rivian leasing coming soon, unlocking $7,500 EV tax credit

    I am noting how those advocating for leasing have not provided any hard numbers. We as humans are more emotional than we are rational. We drum up in our minds what we feel and then use logic to rationalize those emotions. Until someone provides some hard numbers, I say you're still paying more...
  8. What is your average miles per kwh?

    I'm at 1.79kWh/mi with 20" ATs. Built in April, delivered in May '22. The area I live in (south OC socal) has some hills but no mountain driving. I am always in all purpose, high regen, soft ride mode. Never use conserve mode. All city/highway mix, no offroading yet. Only have 2,000mi on the clock.
  9. Rivian Seat Fix for Tall Guys...Sort Of

    Tall guy here. I can't for the life of me understand why Rivian decided to cut out a portion of the seat which results in my shoulder blades digging into it. Scrap that, I do understand why--they did it to make the seats look super duper cool! Although I don't recall any other manufacturer's...
  10. Blinker noise is annoying.

    I can't stand the blinker noise either so I literally no longer use my blinkers when at stop lights. Not sure what was wrong with the blinker noises we have been using for the last 75 years, but Rivian has to reinvent the wheel wherever and whenever possible. Just my 2 cents... Oh and also, if...
  11. Rivian's share of new EV registrations (vs other brands) for 2023 YTD

    Yep, 18k vehicles is only 36% of their 2024 goal. I hope they have a productive second half.
  12. The OC Rivian Owner Club

    Which beach? I'm interested.
  13. The OC Rivian Owner Club

    How many Rivians were there?
  14. Attn Surfers/SUPers: Where Do You Keep Your Key Card or Wrist Band?

    That key ring product is a clever idea, I'll have to watch out for an aftermarket version for Rivian. Then again, I don't wear my wedding ring in the water because I've heard of guys losing it...just heard a story this summer of that exact thing happening, guy lost it the first year he was...
  15. Attn Surfers/SUPers: Where Do You Keep Your Key Card or Wrist Band?

    So what are you guys/gals doing for vehicle access when you surf? I have just been throwing my wrist band in a rag in the truck bed after locking it, looking all inconspicuous. I'm not to worried about people rummaging through my truck where I surf, heck I would probably feel OK leaving it...
  16. Rivian, please just copy the storage door from VW

    100%! The Rivian speaker never worked well for me and is basically dead weight. I took it out and threw it in a box in the garage since I never use it and now I just have an empty void in my center console. Putting a couple of extra cup holders (or even ones that can hold larger water bottles...
  17. RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    Does anyone know when the Las Vegas charger will go online? It's been sitting there since June and I am planning on some trips through Vegas come this fall! Rivian also really needs to add level 3 chargers along the I-15 past Vegas, like at Mesquite, St. George, and other towns so those of us...
  18. Rivian "Joe Mode"

    Man this forum is full of knuckleheads, I'm going to probably go elsewhere for discussions. Some people had some great suggestions, such as muting chimes, adding in a low or zero regen option, and what is the result? Five pages of absolutist armchair warriors saying how things should be exactly...
  19. 3 month service wait for truck with hood stuck open!? - time to move on from the R1T

    Well at least you didn't try and manually close your hood and dent it. I closed my hood because the fruct button stopped responding (the computer went to sleep while the hood was open), and with what I would call gentle to moderate pressure I used the palm of my left hand to close the frunc...