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  1. M00v0vr

    Where no Rivan has gone before! 🏔️ Palmer Glacier on Mount Hood

    I know the person who runs the summer programs and she let me go where no public is allowed. I had 2 boys with me, they were in awe of the ride up and down. Cat track to goat track with lots of big boulders.
  2. M00v0vr

    Where no Rivan has gone before! 🏔️ Palmer Glacier on Mount Hood

    Monday was the last day of our summer race camp on the Palmer Glacier on MT Hood. Due to high winds (70 + MPH) the lifts were closed and I needed to get our gates and my skis from the mountain. The staff at Timberline let me drive up the "Goat Track" to retrieve our stuff.
  3. M00v0vr

    Electrify America burns a Rivian down

    We can add a USB hub and get even more functionality.
  4. M00v0vr

    Rivian Drops Tank Turn Feature

    I really wanted to use it on my snow covered driveway. do a 180 and drive away, oh well.
  5. M00v0vr

    Memorial Day weekend Central OR adventure in my R1T

    Saw you heading over hood as I was heading to the coast, east bound traffic looked crazy, it was backup up all the way from Sandy to the Boring exit.
  6. M00v0vr

    Xtrusion OVRLND rack install experience on R1T

    Why is the R1t kit $1900 and all the others are under $1k? Rivian Tax?
  7. M00v0vr

    Folks with wheel vinyl covers -- how are they holding up?

    I did the Brain exploder film and its almost completely destroyed after a winter of driving in snow.
  8. M00v0vr

    Show off your dashcam memory card install

    Enclosure for M.2 PCIe NVMe and SATA SSDs https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08RVC6F9Y/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A29Y8OP2GPR7PE&psc=1 & 1 TB M2 SSD
  9. M00v0vr

    California WTS spare 20"AT wheel $1100

    I have a new in the box spare-tire-change-kit available for sale. https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/fs-spare-tire-change-kit-200.14112/
  10. M00v0vr

    California WTB 20" AT Wheel+Tire

    I have a new one for sale if you can get it from portland to la,
  11. M00v0vr

    REIKA Wheels - 20" for Rivians??

    Please keep us posted, very interesting option. BTW do you have a weight projection?
  12. M00v0vr

    MagJAXX Magnetic Pucks Rivian YELLOW Drawing!!

    and also interested!
  13. M00v0vr

    MagJAXX Magnetic Pucks Rivian YELLOW Drawing!!

    Probably been answered, I have a gen 1 (single) would love for it to work with the bottle jack. Can it be drilled/ milled to work?
  14. M00v0vr

    Full-Size Spare Tire listed in Rivian Gear Shop!

    I ordered a set of 4 of the AT's @ $4140 and sold the others (still have one left to sell). Per my conversation w/ guide yesterday $1200 + is his guess.