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  1. Helpful Apps For Rivian Ownership?

    Our R1 will be our first EV, what apps (besides the obvious Rivian one) would you guys suggest I take a shot a using? Efficency trackers, battery degradation trackers, route planners, etc. Anything to make the transition easier, and interesting data points would be cool to see as well.
  2. R1S Door Sill PPF Protection?

    I see TWRAPS offers door sill protection for the T, but not the S. Does anyone know of a company offering a clear PPF for the lower door sills, to prevent scuffs from shoes, etc?
  3. Guide Contact Timeliness

    I have an R1S from the shop (picked out Sunday night,) that I am trying to get delivered next Wednesday. I reached out Monday morning to try to schedule factory delivery, and didn't hear back until late that afternoon. Can't do factory, need to do service center, since the R1 is already on the...
  4. Financing Speed of Approval + Charger Pre-Install

    I was invited to the R1S shop Friday, and picked one out Sunday night. Last night, I was contacted by a delivery specialist, offering 9/27 as a delivery date. Obviously, after such a long wait, I'd like to take advantage of that. However, given the short timeframe, I haven't started my...
  5. Rivian Garage Behavior

    Prepping for R1S delivery soon, and I'm curious how Rivian's handle being parked in an active garage. What I mean by that, is we have a 3 car attached garage we plan to keep our Rivian in, along with our other car, and all of the accoutrement that comes with two small kids. Given the activity...
  6. Charging Situation Curiosity

    R1S quad delivery is coming up in Q1 24, and my wife and I are planning on keeping it, but we have a 4-5 trips a year that make me nervous. From our house, to her parents house, is 117 miles. While we are there, we would only have access to a standard 110v plug to charge the R1. There are no...
  7. Wait for Rivian Wall Charger with delivery, or pre-install another type?

    Pretty much as the title says. I have a R1S on order, set for delivery next year. However, I am wondering, should I install another type of charger before I get the Rivian one, or just install the one I ordered with the R1S? Are there any specific benefits to the Rivian one? Is $500 for a wall...