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    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    C'mon guys we are talking about vehicles which none of us have sat in let alone driven, and we are on about the environment, global warming and even "douchebags". I am 89 years old and I thought my third Land Rover would be my last car but along came Rivian and captivated me, so I am buying my...
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    Run Flat Tires

    Thanks for the info - especially on crazy ex's and spike strips.
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    Run Flat Tires

    I am interested in the R1T but would change to the R1S if it were available with run flats and no third row seats. This frees up a lot of interior storage space. I had this combination on my X5 and it worked really well. Has Rivian done any testing with run flats? This would also work on the...
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    How much for annual registration?

    Here is the breakdown on my 2019 tabs for my 2017 Land Rover Diesel Discovery in the state of Washington: Registration Fee $3.00 License Plate $0.25 Dept of License $0.50 Trans Benefit $20.00 Vehicle Wt $45.00 License...
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    Regenerative Braking Capacity

    The point was that what regen is worth to someone depends on that person's perspective and, indeed, on the circumstances. During the summer I charge from hydro so there is no environmental impact if I waste energy (except for the relatively tiny losses of transmission). During the winter it's...
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    Regenerative Braking Capacity

    Who were you quoting on the Trump comment.
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    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    Good to read all of the replies, especially Godfodder0901 who appeared to have a lot of inside info. It sounds like a lot of new info will be breaking in the near future.
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    Seattle Show

    Who went to the Seattle showing and what are your fist impressions?
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    Seattle Rivian Event (photos, reactions). Blue R1T + more details revealed

    First impressions from Seattle. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!! Huge tires and wheels - no run flats on this baby. Changed my choice from R1S to R1T - better looking and more functional. Good conversation with Mason, employee #23, regarding power transfer and driver controls. Extra long...
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    Has Rivian tested run flat tires, and if so what are the results? I had run flats on my X-5 and although the ride was just a little rougher they freed up a lot of storage space. I was going to put them on my Land Rover Discovery at 30k miles.