Rivian Owners who have gone from a R1T to an R1S or have both

Looking to share information on the transition from the R1T to the R1S

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Good day everyone! I'm Andre in York, Pa, 30 minutes outside of Lancaster about 2 hours from Philadelphia. I have a 23 Rivian R1T Silver color Adventure Package edition and a 22 Rivian R1S Launch Green edition. I look forward to connecting with you. I moved to PA from MD in December 23. I just got the R1T last week and had the Rivian R1S.for about 6 months.
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We traded in our LE R1T with 21" road tires for a R1S with 22" Sport. Rivian offered a very fair valuation. After a few $ bumps before closing the process for migrating the R1T off my account took 6 weeks after closing. Created some notification confusion but it worked out.

The service request process has become streamlined. Suggest a photo or video with each request as a picture is worth a 1000 words. FYI Rivian production a closer inspection of the end product off the line would save your service center and clients much time.

I've noticed a significant increase in cabin heat with full sun as inside temps are reaching 145 degrees. Tint on windows has helped mitigate a few degrees. Hoping for a aesthetically appealing option for both roof windows other than the third party solutions posted on this forum. Went with PPF on the front end and mirrors. So easy to clean the insects which seek out the front end.

Of most concern is the ride itself. I've noticed an increased porpoising and sharp reactions to road seam. Especially at high speed. Will be having the S in the shop for a look in September. Otherwise the shorter wheel base and increased tire size are making a difference that I was not expecting after 7K smooth miles in my T.

Drove an S with 20" AT's today and noticed a difference. Looking at Highway 20" or 21" as an option. Hoping to get some feedback before I drop 2-4 K on the tire options. I have no regrets. Just trying to get it to ride like my T.

Hats off to RAN network developed in the mid atlantic to date and thanks for throwing us a charging bone!
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