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Live in Memphis TN area? Join Us and Engage in Meaningful Discussions! Dear prospective online forum members, We extend a warm invitation to you, inviting you to join our vibrant community and participate in our thought-provoking discussions. As a

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Anyone here interested in putting their Rivian in this car show? The organizers are looking to add a Rivian or two.
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Would anyone be interested in meeting up as a group one weekend? Maybe somewhere in the Memphis greater area.
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Hello everyone. I’ve had my R1T since February. The truck is great but have already had 2 visits for service. Had the call a tow truck message and the from motor inverter had to be exchanged. It was about a 2 week drop off. Just last week received a low coolant message and took truck in and they changed the coolant but found nothing wrong. This AM, I have a four wheel drive permanently disabled message after using conserve mode last night to drive to Jackson. Did a full reset and then placed truck back in conserve mode at rest, drove around and stopped and put it back in all purpose. Seemed to correct it but will wait a few more days to see. How is everyone else doing with reliability?
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Welcome to the group!!
I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your Rivian.
I’ve had mine since January of this year. I’ve had it at the service center 3 different times. Nothing major. I have a minor driver side lean that they can’t seem to figure it out. They keep telling me that it’s normal.
Hi everyone!! Just welcoming all the new members. Hope everyone is enjoying their Rivian(s).
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Hello all!. I’m a Rivian pre-order holder from Jan 2020. Quad, large pack, launch edition, launch Green, OC. I live in Central Arkansas and this group is the closest I can find! I’m hopeful that Rivian will start fulfilling orders in AR soon. It’s depressing seeing people get their Rivian’s that ordered in 2022! I really wish they would update pre-order holders on realistic dates if they don’t plan to fulfill orders unless there is a service center nearby. 🤷‍♂️