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Hello everyone in this group!
My name is Ping Song. I am glad that there is already a Rivian Club for the Hoosiers. I had my R1T delivered last December. I hope someday I can meet the other owners in this group on person.
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Welcome Ping! Got my R1T in May 2022 and have enjoyed every minute of the truck. Not really an active club but started this a while back to help facilitate questions and if there is interest in the future I have information on how we can make Indy Rivian Club a member of Rivian Clubs of America. In the meantime, enjoy the truck!
Has any body who purchased a R1T or R1S in 2023 received Federal Tax credit of $7500 in the tax return?
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Hope everyone is doing good! Have had my R1T for 14 months and 18k miles. I am working on creating an Indy Rivian Club through the Rivian Clubs of America. Would love some help and help others in the area if there are questions about their Rivian or trying to get in one.

Would love to do an event soon and ultimately would love to do something with IMS as this is what we are known for… well that and corn lol.
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They are working on opening a service center in Fort Wayne. Wish they would open one in Indy but should have one closer this year.
@rookford They actually just CLOSED the Ft. Wayne service center. I was supposed to pick up my new R1T there a couple weeks ago, got redirected to Cincy.
@Jrramsland very interesting. Hopefully they will move it to Indy
Anything new on the Ft. Wayne location?
I had Ralph out yesterday to check out my R1S after a trip to the body shop for damage repair. He mentioned that the Fort Wayne service center was just operating a night shift to service Amazon delivery vehicles at the moment. They are trying to staff up to be open for retail clients and service in the future. Those of you that don't know Ralph yet he is the Indy based Rivian mobile service tech. His cell is (317) 601-6997, great guy and says he can fix 80% of any issues you might be having with your R1. Highly recommend you add his cell to your contact list.
Hello Hoosiers. New to the club, but I’ve been on the forum for a while. I can’t wait to get my R1S but still undecided on color. Back and forth between Limestone and El Cap, both with black interior on 21s. Anyone know why the leasing option isn’t offered in Indiana?
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For those of you that don't know Ralph yet he is awesome. Ralph is the Rivian Service Tech based here in Indy. Ralph's cell is 317-601-6997 and he welcomes direct inquiries.
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