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If you live in the beautiful state of Idaho, this group is for you! Join us at https://Idaho.RivianClubs.org!!

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I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
It’s here! Introducing the new RCA Membership 🙌

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Greetings RCA Community, ( @Everyone )

We’re thrilled to announce the official launch of the Rivian Clubs of America (RCA) expanded membership program in our commitment to delivering the best possible experience to you, our valued community.

As part of this exciting development, RCA is proud to introduce an exclusive partnership with Tread Lightly!, a national initiative dedicated to protecting and enhancing recreation access and opportunities.

RCA has pledged from its inception to bring together Rivian owners and enthusiasts as a community committed to living life adventurously, through social events, volunteering, and sharing knowledge about our vehicles and how to use them effectively and responsibly. As a federally registered 501(c)7 organization, you can have confidence that membership dues will go toward mission-related activities that benefit all members or fund Rivian-centric opportunities for engagement with each other as well as opportunities to give back and support their larger communities.

RCA is pleased to announce the following membership tiers and benefits:

Journey Tier
For a contribution of $60, receive a one-year membership, featuring:​
• Membership to Tread Lightly!, including exclusive discounts & offers​
• Discounted access to national and regional RCA-hosted events, including off-roading courses, camping weekends, and social meetups​
• Monthly insider newsletter​
• Extended benefits including membership access and event discounts for household members​
• Exclusive RCA swag​
Expedition Tier
For a contribution of $250, receive a five-year membership, which includes all benefits of the Journey Tier, plus:​
• Savings of $50 on membership fees compared to the Journey Tier​
• Special inaugural memento in recognition of 5-year commitment​
• And more exciting perks!​
Legacy Tier
Are you all in? For a contribution of $1,000, Legacy membership offers you a lifelong adventure, providing access to the comprehensive benefits across all tiers, for life*.​
As a founding legacy contributor dedicated to the spirit of adventure, we’ll celebrate your pivotal role in shaping our journey ahead with special recognition.​

By becoming a member, you not only enrich your own experience but also support the organization's mission and grow the community regionally, nationally and beyond. Membership contributions enable RCA and its Chapters to provide event insurance, administrative support, and essential resources for gatherings, ensuring memorable experiences for all participants. RCA continues to work closely with Rivian, facilitating additional support for major events and enhancing member engagement through exclusive perks and opportunities.

Our community is the heart of RCA and your continued support will ensure we can expand our reach, host great events, and find even more exciting ways to create a community where we all belong, living adventurously for generations to come.

Sign up and learn more at rivianclubs.org/membership.

Arron Apperson
Executive Director and Chairperson, Rivian Clubs of America

Please note: you will be prompted to create a login and password when you sign up on the membership page. You'll need to do this even if you've had login credentials in the past as this is a new system.

*The Legacy tier will grant members lifetime access to all RCA specific offerings. The no-fee Tread Lightly! membership will be included for the first 5 years of Legacy membership, and is subject to change.
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YOU'RE INVITED!: Off-Road w/ the Rivian Service Center & Idaho Rivian Club!!

PLEASE REGISTER HERE: https://idaho.rivianclubs.org/events/off-road-w-the-rivian-service-center-idaho-rivian-club/

  • Who?:
    • Rivian owners (bring your R1!), Rivian pre-order holders, the “Rivian curious,” and even the Rivian skeptics! In other words… YOU!!
    • If you don’t yet have a Rivian, you can bring your own off-road capable vehicle (Jeep, Bronco, Tacoma, etc.)

  • When?:
    • Saturday, March 16, 2024
    • 9:00am – approx. 5:00pm

  • Details:
    • Idaho Rivian Club (IDRC) Inaugural Outing
    • The Rivian Service Center in Boise is hosting the Idaho Rivian Club (IDRC) for our inaugural outing. We will start with refreshments, introductions, and a group photo at the Boise Service Center.
    • The Rivian Service Center has agreed to send a mobile service truck to act as a “chase truck” for our off-road excursion. They will have spare parts on board and repair support in case there are any breakdowns during our adventures.
    • If you’re one of the “Rivian curious” or “Rivian skeptical” participants that has not been able to get behind the wheel of an R1 yet, the Service Center will let guests drive an R1!
    • The Service Center will have coffee and light refreshments for folks as they arrive in the morning. We will do introductions and a group photo in front of the Rivian Service Center.
    • Please bring a picnic lunch, snacks, and beverages for everyone in your vehicle. We will stop at a picnic spot out on the trail.
    • If you have vehicle recovery gear, please bring it. If you don’t have recovery gear, don’t let that deter you! There should be plenty of recovery gear amongst the whole group.
    • If you have a full-size spare, or compact spare, please bring it. Don’t worry if you don’t have one since Rivian’s Mobile Service Truck will be there to assist with repairs if needed.

  • Schedule:
    • 9:00am: Meet at the Rivian Service Center in Boise
      • 740 N Five Mile Rd, Boise, ID 83713
      • Introductions, coffee, refreshments,
    • 9:30-10:15am: Drive to Initial Point for a quick trek up the butte.
      • At the top, we’ll take in the sights and do another group photo. (If you have a drone for photos & videos, please let the organizers know!)
    • 10:45-11:15am: Drive to the trailhead at the base of the Owyhees.
    • 11:15-12:00pm: Air-down, have lunch, quick safety & off-road etiquette briefing
    • 12:00pm: Hit the trail!
    • 5:00pm (approx.): Return to the trailhead, air-up, & safely head home!
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Treasure Valley Collision Repair & PDR

I just got off a call with the Boise Service Center. They mentioned they don't have a Rivian certified collision repair center quite yet here in Idaho. However, they have been sending their loaner fleet and referring clients to McDowells Specialty Repairs for Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and other types of collision repairs with good success. Just a helpful FYI in case any of you have a need for repairs on your Rivians! https://mcdowellsrepair.com/
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Our R1S is due do be delivered before the end of September. What would y'all think about doing a meetup somewhere we could get a really cool group photo with a vista in the background? Initial Point perhaps? Since the survey of the Idaho territory started at this "initial point," it might be a little symbolic for the Idaho Rivian Club to have our "initial" meeting there. The trail up to the top should be simple enough for all R1 - regardless of wheel/tire combo. We could chat about paint-friendly off-road trails, future meetups, and EV events. Bring picnic lunch, your families, a baseball & mitt, and we could all hang out for a bit and get to know each other & see all our trucks! The views are stunning! Does anyone have a drone to take a photo?

Thoughts? Alternative proposed locations?

Here's Initial Point: https://goo.gl/maps/A6BVvtUJUetPJM3Y6

For folks outside the Treasure Valley, maybe a coordinated meetup date? One in the panhandle? One in Eastern Idaho?

People who don't have their R1 yet would be welcome to attend, but we would try to keep the vehicles in the photo R1 specific. (but all attendees would be welcome in the photo!)
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Just had our First Mile Drive at the Boise service center! It was AWESOME! And there are a TON of R1T & R1S getting ready to be delivered!! I would estimate at least 20+ R1 vehicles. Obligatory kids in the frunk & gear tunnel pics (it was sunny!):

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Would any of the members here be interested in helping to lead the Idaho Chapter of the official Rivian Clubs of America (RCA)? We need to have a Pres. & VP listed on our initial charter application - which is due by August 15, 2023.

One of the goals of the group would be to plan events like "Cars & Coffee" meetups, off-roading outings, camping trips, and other events focused on gathering Idaho Rivian owners together. See examples of the other RCA chapter events here.

As a perk for volunteering to help lead, you will receive 1-year free membership on the yet-to-be-determined dues structure. Here are the newly established RCA bylaws and code of conduct. DM me if interested.
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Exciting times at the Boise Service Center!

I was running errands on Friday before lunchtime and swung by the Boise Service Center to see what I could spy. There were several R1S & R1Ts charging out back, and this beauty sitting in a parking space out front! (My first time to see an R1S up close!) Congrats to whomever gets to pick up this lovely limestone example this week!

Inside the warehouse, there were probably another 6-10 R1 vehicles as well as an EDV in Rivian Mobile service livery. Very cool!

I went into the office and had a great chat with Griffin. I told him I was a preorder holder with an Aug/Sept '23 delivery window but that I still had heard NOTHING from Rivian in terms of First Mile Drive, Guide assignment, or R1 Shop access. He grabbed the iPad and set me up with a first drive appointment for this coming Thursday! SWEET!

It's actually happening, people!

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First Riv - reserved December 2020 and received delivery May 2022. The most unbelievable vehicle i have ever owned. I got side tracked by the resale value and ended up selling in April of '23 and instantly regretted it. Ended up finding a used LE available in KY and had them ship it out to me sight unseen.
I could not be happier.
Hope you all enjoy the truck and I can't wait to see an R1s in person. I'd love wifey to get one.
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Svc Ctr is live now on Five Mile north of Emerald.
I booked my demo drive for this Sat 15 Jul 23.
Check your dashboard log in and see a new 4th logo under your truck preorder logo on the L sidebar.
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We don't have our R1T yet (reserved last September) and cannot wait! How long have you had yours and how long was your wait from reservation to delivery? How has it performed thus far? Rick & Carla Finis (Boise)
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Our R1S delivery window is coming up soon! (Aug/Sept 2023). That seems to correspond with the opening of the new Boise Rivian Service Center. Can't wait!!
We live in Cascade and took delivery of our R1T in March at the Boise Service Center. No they weren't open. They brought it up from SLC and we agreed to meet at the service center. I even borrowed a screw driver from the electrician that was working in the building to take the plates off of my trade in.

Really enjoy driving the mountain roads. Hwy 55 is real fun. Drove to Warm Lake today for lunch, it just handles great. Hope to meet other owners when they come to Valley county.

Mac and Bev
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That's awesome!! When sleuthing (stalking) around the service center in/around April, I talked to one of the ESI (construction) superintendents there and he mentioned the Rivian reps had made some customer deliveries in the parking lot even though it wasn't opened yet. He wasn't very pleased about it either. LOL!! I'm guessing you were one of the lucky ones that had the privilege of ticking off the ESI superintendent. HA!