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Havent done any long trips but now going to Moab Utah on Sunday. Wondering if anyone has a NACS to CCS adaptor by A2Z or Lectron they would be willing to loan out for a week. Tried to order from both A2Z and Lectron but neither could get me one in time.

Would be really nice to have access to Tesla superchargers as well as all the others.

Would be happy to leave a deposit or similar as security for the loan.

SIX-OH-FOUR 6497677
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Forgot to say I live in North Vancouver
Ha, in the process of doing the reverse journey. Houston to Victoria bc. Moab is a charging desert. There are some slow chargers at the Hyatt and elements hotel with a service from blink. But it is very expensive and service is poor. Recommend you fast charge in green river, 48 miles north, and arrive in Moab with nearly full battery. I think there is a fast charger in Montecito, about 40 Mile's south of Moab.
where have local BCers taken their trucks off roading? I want to get to the Sloquet hot springs, but I haven’t seen anyone with a Rivian post that they’ve attempted. I want to try, but might rent a generator as a backup plan until I feel more confident off-road.

Anyone done ramp rock?

Any others?
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Last June I went up the west side of Harrison Lake intending to go through to Pemberton. Took a side trip into Hale Creek which was fun. Truck was great. Got to 20 mile bay but got a flat and turned back since I didn't have a spare. Lucky the sealant worked and the onboard air is great (l got a spare the next day).

For a reference for you, I started out in South Surrey at 100% charge and was at 65% when I turned back (that was 143km driven). You could always drive in and turn back when you get close to 50%.
@SlideGuy Sounds like a stressful journey you had! Were you on the 20” wheels? I’ve heard the sidewall can be a bit weak in the scorpions. Part of the reason I grabbed the spare.

Thinking that when I get around to it, I’ll top up in chilliwak (coming from North Van area) just so I have as much as possible for camping and light goofing around
@Reed1T I do have the 20" wheels. A sidewall puncture could have made things interesting so I was lucky it was on the running surface. The puncture happened on the service road which has some sharp rocks on the road bed. A spare wasn't available when I got my truck. The service center sold me a wheel after this adventure.

My trip was to see what kind of range hit there would be going offroad since I was planning a big trip late summer. I thought my info might help you plan your outting.

My trip was fun. The flat was a hiccup but the truck was a champ. Wheeling in it was a blast.
any BC Rivsters interested in off-road pondhockey adventures? we may have missed the window for this year, but would like to make plans for next!
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Hello, R1T owner since Nov 28, 2023. At km 78, picked up a stone from an oncoming gravel truck on 16 ave - shattered my windshield, since replaced
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Anyone want to sell me 20" Rivian rims?
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I'm interested in the 22" Rims, I have the 20s now. Do you want two sets or looking to swap?
@jefft850 Hi: I found 20" Ram 1500 rims/snow tires setup. I've got the 22s for summer but I might be interested to trade with you in may/June once I try the ride quality with the 22s first.